Swap datatokens

Tutorial to swap datatokens for OCEAN tokens using Ocean Market

Access marketplace

  1. Go to Ocean Marketplace.
  2. Search for the data asset. The Ocean Marketplace provides features to search the Data/Algorithms by text, and users can also sort the result by published date.
  3. Connect wallet.

    connect wallet
    Connect wallet


Step 1 - Select TRADE tab

After finding the dataset, select the TRADE tab.

Step 2 - Trade amount

Enter the amount of OCEAN tokens to swap. The datatokens amount to receive is displayed with the swap fees information. The reverse operation(swap datatokens to OCEAN tokens) is also available on the trade tab.

swap part-1
Amount of OCEANs to swap

Step 3 - Transaction: Access to OCEAN token(s)

swap part-2
Transaction: Approve spend limit

Step 4 - Click swap

swap part-3
Swap tokens

Step 5 - Transaction: Swap tokens

swap part-4
Transaction: Swap tokens

swap part-5
View transaction