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This page is about Predictoor DF, and this page is a guide.

Predictoor DF Overview

Predictoor DF is a DF stream that amplifies predictoors’ earnings, via extra sales to Ocean Predictoor data feeds.

Predictoor DF has 37,500 OCEAN weekly rewards (ongoing) and 20,000 ROSE weekly rewards (throughout 2024).


Ocean Predictoor data feeds predict whether BTC, ETH etc will rise or fall 5min or 1h into the future. These feeds are crowdsourced by “predictoors”: people running AI-powered prediction bots.

Data Farming (DF) is Ocean’s incentive program, that rewards OCEAN to people who lock OCEAN or do active DF activities.

You should be familiar with both Predictoor and DF before reading on.

Predictoor DF Timing

Predictoor DF started counting on Nov 9, 2023, at the beginning of Data Farming Round 63 (DF63). It runs indefinitely.

Predictoor DF Rewards

Predictoor DF has two components: OCEAN rewards and Oasis ROSE rewards.

OCEAN Rewards

  • A special “DF buyer” bot purchases Predictoor feeds. It started operating on Nov 9, 2023. Every day, it spends 1/7 of the weekly Predictoor OCEAN budget for another 24h subscription. It spends an equal amount per feed. (Currently there are feeds: 10 x 5min, 10 x 1h.)

  • The OCEAN comes from the Ocean DF budget, and specifically, the Active DF budget.

ROSE Rewards

  • Payout happens on Mondays, 4 days after the end of the DF round.

  • ⚠️ To be counted for ROSE rewards of a given DF round, you must claim your OCEAN rewards for that DF round. See Predictoor DF user guide.

  • Payout for a given predictoor is pro-rata to the net earnings of that predictoor over that DF round, specifically (total sales $ to the predictoor) minus (predictoor stake slashed due to being wrong).

  • The ROSE comes from a generous contribution of Oasis Protocol Foundation 👪🙏.

How to Earn $ Via Predictoor DF

Running a predictoor bot will automatically make you eligible for Predictoor DF rewards.

The Predictoor DF user guide tells how to get started as a predictoor, and how to claim rewards.

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