How to use Ocean Uploader

What is Ocean Uploader?

Uploader is designed to simplify the process of storing your assets on decentralized networks (such as arweave and filecoin). It provides access to multiple secure, reliable, and cost-effective storage solutions in an easy-to-use UI and JavaScript library.

What decentralized storage options are available?

Currently, we support Arweave and IPFS. We may support other storage options in the future.

How to store an asset on Arweave with Ocean Uploader?

Ready to dive into the world of decentralized storage with Ocean Uploader? Let's get started:

Woohoo 🎉 You did it! You now have an IPFS CID for your asset. Pop over to https://ipfs.oceanprotocol.com/ipfs/{CID} to admire your handiwork, you'll be able to access your file at that link. You can use it to publish your asset on Ocean Market.

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