Guide to Predictoor DF

How to earn $ via predictoor DF
In Predictoor DF (and Predictoor proper), you run prediction bots to earn continuously. This guide describes how to become eligible for OCEAN rewards and claim them; and the same for Oasis ROSE rewards. And of course first thing you need to do is become a predictoor.

How to become a predictoor

On OCEAN Rewards in Predictoor DF

  • Duration: ongoing
  • To be eligible: predictoors are automatically eligible 🧘
  • To claim: recall that the OCEAN rewards act as more sales coming to you (as a predictoor). So you claim your OCEAN from sales in the usual way, by running the OCEAN payout script. See the payout README for specific instructions.

On ROSE rewards in Predictoor DF

  • ⚠️ To be eligible for a given DF round: you MUST run OCEAN payout script <= 4 days after the round ends, i.e. between Thu 00:00 UTC & Sun 11:59 PM UTC
  • To claim: See the payout README for specific instructions.

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