Data Farming

Earn OCEAN rewards by locking OCEAN, curating data, and making predictions.
Data Farming (DF) is Ocean's incentive program. It rewards OCEAN to participants who lock OCEAN into veOCEAN, curate data, or make predictions -- all in the name of driving data consume volume (DCV). DF is a bit like DeFi liquidity mining, but tuned for DCV.
​The DF webapp is where users perform most DF actions.
There is currently 150,000 OCEAN / week available for DF rewards.

DF Streams & Budgets

DF is organized into two streams: Passive DF and Active DF. Each has 50% of the DF budget. Passive DF allows for passive earning potential. Active DF requires more engagement; it has several substreams, each with its own activity.
Here are all streams & substreams. The links lead to dedicated pages.
  1. 1.
    ​Passive DF. 75,000 OCEAN per week. Lock OCEAN for veOCEAN; rewards are pro-rata to veOCEAN holdings.
  2. 2.
    Active DF. 75,000 OCEAN per week. It has these substreams:
    1. 1.
      ​Volume DF. Allocate veOCEAN towards data assets with high DCV, ie "curate data". Rewards are a function of DCV and veOCEAN stake.
    2. 2.
      ​Predictoor DF. Run prediction bots to earn continuously.
All streams and substreams repeat weekly that start on Thursdays 00:00 at UTC and end on Wed at 23:59 UTC.
​Claiming rewards. You can claim rewards each Thursday, or wait and claim many weeks' of rewards at once.
Active DF's substreams can -- and do -- evolve over time. It's chronicled here.

Reward Schedule & APYs

​Reward Schedule. The 150,000 OCEAN / week currently available for DF rewards will increase over time to over 1.1M OCEAN / week.
​Yields. Historically, APYs are 5-15%. APYs vary week to week. APY depends on total OCEAN staked, duration of OCEAN lock, DCV, what DF streams you participate in, and other factors.


OCEAN rewards for all DF streams & substreams are on Ethereum mainnet. One exception: rewards for Predictoor DF are on Oasis Sapphire.
Users engage in different networks, depending on the DF stream:
  • Passive DF: veOCEAN is deployed on Ethereum mainet. Users lock OCEAN for veOCEAN on Ethereum mainnet
  • Volume DF: users can allocate veOCEAN to data assets on Etherum mainnet, Polygon, BSC, Moonriver, Energy Web Chain, or Sapphire.
  • Predictoor DF: users submit predictions on Sapphire.
The networks docs have more info about networks.

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