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Forking and customizing Ocean Market (Frontend)


Your own fully functioning customized fork of Ocean Market is deployed and working.


Have you ever thought about monetizing digital assets over the blockchain? Your first instinct might be to head on over to a popular marketplace - but why not create your own marketplace? It’s a lot easier than you might imagine. This guide will cover everything you need to start your own blockchain marketplace in less than an hour. The reason it’s so easy is that we’ll be starting with a fork of Ocean Market, which provides us with some pretty cool tech under-the-hood (if you’re interested in blockchain, read on).

Using Ocean Market is already a big improvement on the alternatives that are out there, but it gets even better. Ocean Market is completely open-source and freely available under the Apache 2 license. This means that you can fork Ocean Market and set up your own marketplace in just a few steps. Ocean Market is primarily focused on monetizing data, but it can actually handle the sale of any digital asset. This guide will walk you through the process of forking Ocean Market and starting your own marketplace for selling photos; you’ll be surprised how easy it is. No prior blockchain knowledge is required!


The tutorial covers:


Prior knowledge

If you’re completely unfamiliar with Ocean Market or web3 applications in general, you will benefit from reading these guides first:

Required Prerequisites

  • Git. Instructions for installing Git can be found here.

  • Node.js can be downloaded from here (we’re using version 18 in this guide)

  • A decent code editor, such as Visual Studio Code.

  • You’ll need a Github account to fork Ocean Market via Github.

Let's emphasize an important aspect of building dApps. It's crucial to keep in mind that practically everything can be added to the blockchain 😵 When you integrate with these components, it becomes crucial for you, as a developer, to ensure proper sanitization of the responses on your end. This means you should carefully validate and filter the data received to prevent any potential vulnerabilities or security risks in your applications.

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