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How to Buy and Download Data on the Ocean Market

Before we go shopping, it's important to note that the primary responsibility for data validation rests with the customer. To evaluate the quality of the data, take into account the following questions:

  1. What is the reputation of the dataset's publisher?

  2. Does the dataset include well-defined metadata and provenance information?

  3. Is sample data available for evaluation?

  4. What is the dataset's rating within the marketplace? (Check the star rating we've implemented.)

  5. Is the publisher responsive to inquiries? You can initiate a direct message to the publisher via the marketplace to engage in discussions before making a data purchase.

Once you're confident that the dataset meets your requirements, you're ready to make your purchase! 🛒📊

Let's Go Shopping! 💁‍♀️🛍️

  1. Go to the Ocean Market.

  2. Search for NFTs using the search bar in the top right corner of the page. The Ocean Marketplace provides features to search for Data/Algorithm NFTs by text, and users can also sort the result by published date.

  3. Connect your wallet. If you know the network the asset is hosted on, then you can also select the network from the dropdown to the left of the Connect Wallet button to filter!

Steps to Download

Step 1 - Buy the asset 🫰

The Buy button is enabled only if the connected wallet address has enough OCEAN to purchase the asset.

Are you buying an asset on the Polygon network? Then you'll need mOCEAN "matic OCEAN" to buy assets! Watch this tutorial about how to get mOCEAN so that you can go shopping on the Ocean Market 🤑🛒

Step 2 - Confirm the 1st of 3 transactions - Allow access to OCEAN

Step 3 - Confirm the 2nd of 3 transactions - Buy the asset in exchange for OCEAN 💸

Step 4 - Download the asset ⬇️

Step 5 - Sign the 3rd last transaction ✍️

After signing the message, the file download will start.

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