Azure Cloud

How to use centralized hosting with Azure Cloud for your NFT assets

Microsoft Azure

Azure provides various options to host data and multiple configuration possibilities. Publishers are required to do their research and decide what would be the right choice. The below steps provide one of the possible ways to host data using Azure storage and publish it on Ocean Marketplace.


Create an account on Azure. Users might also be asked to provide payment details and billing addresses that are out of this tutorial's scope.

Step 1 - Create a storage account

Go to Azure portal

Go to the Azure portal: and select Storage accounts as shown below.

Create a new storage account

Fill in the details

Storage account created

Step 2 - Create a blob container

Step 3 - Upload a file

Step 4 - Share the file

Select the file to be published and click Generate SAS

Configure the SAS details and click Generate SAS token and URL

Copy the generated link

Step 5 - Publish the asset using the generated link

Now, copy and paste the link into the Publish page in the Ocean Marketplace.

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