Publish a C2D Data NFT

How to publish a data NFT with C2D configurations

Step 1 - Navigate to the Ocean Market

Step 2 - Connect your wallet

  • Click the top right Connect Wallet button to connect your self-custody wallet to the Ocean Market

  • Click the Publish link

Step 4 - Enter the metadata

  • Enter the metadata for your data NFT keeping the Dataset asset type selected by default:

Step 5 - Enter the Access information

  • You must select the Compute access type in this step!

Step 6 - Set a price, Fixed or Free, for your dataset

  • Toggle the tab to decide whether you want to set a fixed or free price for your dataset.

Step 7 - Approve the preview

  • Your preview should look like the following (this will change soon!):

Step 8 - Submit the transactions

  • Click the pink Submit button at the bottom of the page and sign the two transactions with your wallet. You'll have to pay for gas when you sign to publish your algorithm asset.

Ok, you've published a Data NFT that is *almost* ready for Compute-to-Data. Just a few tiny steps left and you're done!

Step 9 - Edit the asset (yes, again!)

  • On the webpage for your Data NFT, you need to click the Edit Asset link to change the C2D settings.

Step 10 - Edit the Compute settings

  • You must select the Edit Compute Settings button to add your algorithm to the data NFT for computation.

  • Then, search for your algorithm in the Selected algorithms search bar and check the box next to it to add it as an algorithm able to compute on the dataset.

Step 11 - Submit the transactions

  • Click the pink Submit button at the bottom of the page and sign all the transactions.

Congratulations! You have fully finished the C2D flow. Check your work by verifying that your algorithm appears on the data NFT's page, like in the following example:

If you would like to run the compute job, then simply click the radio button to the left of the algorithm's name and click Buy Compute Job.

The output of your algorithm's computation on the dataset will appear in the Algorithm.log output. Voilรก!

Now do a little dance, because you're done!

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