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What is an Ocean Protocol data challenge?

Ocean Protocol's data challenges are open competitions where participants must solve a real business problem using data science or machine learning skills. Some challenges are designed for data exploration, analysis, and reporting, while others require developing machine learning models. Thus, data challenges have different types of formats, topics, and sponsors. One of the main advantages of these data challenges is that users retain ownership of their IP and the ability to further monetize their work outside of the competition.

Where can I find the data challenges?

Discover open challenges here.

What is the typical flow for a data challenge?

  1. Participants download the necessary dataset(s) on the Ocean Market according to the data challenge instructions.

  2. Participants may be tasked with building a report that combines data visualization and written explanations for a dataset, or perhaps tasked with building a machine learning model to predict a specific target value.

  3. Participants publish their results either publicly or privately using Ocean Protocol smart contracts by the deadline as directed by the challenge instructions.

  4. Winners are selected and announced generally within 2 weeks.

  5. Winners will be sent instructions to claim their crypto prizes.

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