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Help develop Ocean Protocol software like a superhero

Report a bug 🐞

Have you found a bug in the code? To report a bug that isn't a vulnerability, go to the relevant GitHub repository, click on the Issues tab, and select Bug Report.
First, make sure that you search existing open + closed issues + PRs to see if your bug has already been reported there. If not, then go ahead and create a new bug report! 🦸

Do you see an error in the Ocean Market?

Follow the steps below to properly document your bug! Paste the screenshots into your GitHub issue.

Report vulnerabilities

For all the super sleuths out there, you may be able to earn a bounty for reporting vulnerabilities in sensitive parts of the code. Check out this page on Immunify for the latest bug bounties available. You can also responsibly disclose flaws by emailing us at [email protected].
Did you find a glitch in the code matrix?

Suggest a new feature 🤔💭

Use the Issues section of each repository and select Feature request to suggest and discuss any features you would like to see added.
As with bug reports, don't forget to search existing open + closed issues + PRs to see if something has already been suggested.

Improve core software

It takes a tribe of awesome coders to build a tech stack, and you're invited to pitch in 😊 We'd love to have you contribute to any repository within the oceanprotocol GitHub organization!
Before you start coding, please follow these basic guidelines:
  • If no feature request issue for your case is present, please open one first before starting to work on something, so it can be discussed openly with Ocean core team.
  • Make yourself familiar with the repository-specific contribution requirements and code style requirements.
  • Because of the weird world of intellectual property, we need you to follow the legal requirements for contributing code.
  • Be excellent to each other in the comments, as outlined in the Contributor Code of Conduct.

Your contribution workflow

  1. 1.
    As an external developer, fork the respective repo and push your code changes to your own fork. Ocean core developers push directly on the repo under oceanprotocol org.
  2. 2.
    Provide the issue # information when you open a PR, for example: issue-001-short-feature-description. The issue number issue-001 needs to reference the GitHub issue that you are trying to fix. The short feature description helps us to quickly distinguish your PR among the other PRs in play.
  3. 3.
    To get visibility and Continuous Integration feedback as early as possible, open your Pull Request as a Draft.
  4. 4.
    Give it a meaningful title, and at least link to the respective issue in the Pull Request description, like Fixes #23. Describe your changes, mention things for reviewers to look out for, and for UI changes screenshots and videos are helpful.
  5. 5.
    Once your Pull Request is ready, mark it as Ready for Review, in most repositories code owners are automatically notified and asked for review.
  6. 6.
    Get all CI checks green and address eventual change requests.
  7. 7.
    If your PR stays open for longer and merge conflicts are detected, merge or rebase your branch against the current main branch.
  8. 8.
    Once a Pull Request is approved, you can merge it.
Depending on the release management of each repository, your contribution will be either included in a next release, or deployed live automatically.
Except for GitHub, you can chat with most Ocean Protocol core developers in the Discord if you have further development questions.

Develop a dApp or integration on top of Ocean Protocol

We LOVE builders of dApps on Ocean! Nothing makes us feel prouder than seeing you create awesome things with these open-source tools.
If you need ANY help, then we're here to talk with you on Discord to give you advice. We're also consistently improving these docs to help you. And... you're here :)

Improve the docs

The docs repo can always be improved. If you found a mistake or have an improvement to make, then follow the steps in the contribution workflow to submit your changes.

Apply for a developer job

Do you REALLY love building on Ocean Protocol? Consider joining us full-time! Our openings are listed at
Scroll a bit further, and at this page's footer, you'll find the social media links that allow you to join the Ocean community or engage in direct chats with us. 😊 Toodles!
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