Ocean CLI

CLI tool to interact with the oceanprotocol's JavaScript library to privately & securely publish, consume and run compute on data.

Welcome to the Ocean CLI, your powerful command-line tool for seamless interaction with Ocean Protocol's data-sharing capabilities. 🚀

The Ocean CLI offers a wide range of functionalities, enabling you to:

  • Publish 📤 data services: downloadable files or compute-to-data.

  • Edit ✏️ existing assets.

  • Consume 📥 data services, ordering datatokens and downloading data.

  • Compute to Data 💻 on public available datasets using a published algorithm.

Key Information

The Ocean CLI is powered by the ocean.js JavaScript library, an integral part of the Ocean Protocol toolset. 🌐

Let's dive into the CLI's capabilities and unlock the full potential of Ocean Protocol together! If you're ready to explore each functionality in detail, simply go through the next pages.

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