Publish a C2D Algorithm NFT

How to publish a C2D algorithm NFT on the Ocean Market

Publish Your Algorithm NFT

Step 1 - Navigate to the Ocean Market

Step 2 - Connect your wallet

  • Click the top right Connect Wallet button to connect your self-custody wallet to the Ocean Market

  • Click the Publish link

Step 4 - Enter the metadata

  • Enter the metadata for your algorithm NFT paying special attention to select the Algorithm asset type button:

  • Select the appropriate Docker image to run your code - most algorithms are written in Javascript or Python, so you can use either of these Docker images or your own custom image!

Step 5 - Enter the Access information

  • Make sure to keep this option checked! ✅

Step 6 - Set a price, Fixed or Free, for your algorithm

  • It is recommended that you set a fixed price since the price that you choose for your algorithm will be charged any time that someone selects to run your algorithm on a dataset, including datasets that aren't yours!

Step 7 - Approve the preview

  • Your preview should look like the following:

Step 8 - Submit the transactions

  • Click the pink Submit button at the bottom of the page and sign the two transactions with your wallet. You'll have to pay for gas when you sign to publish your algorithm asset.

Congratulations on publishing your algorithm!

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