Liquidity Pools [deprecated]

Liquidity pools and dynamic pricing used to be supported in previous versions of the Ocean Market. However, these features have been deprecated and now we advise everyone to remove their liquidity from the remaining pools. It is no longer possible to do this via Ocean Market, so please follow this guide to remove your liquidity via etherscan.

Remove liquidity using Etherscan

Get your balance of pool share tokens

  1. Go to the pool's Etherscan/Polygonscan page. You can find it by inspecting your transactions on your account's Etherscan page under Erc20 Token Txns.

  2. Click View All and look for Ocean Pool Token (OPT) transfers. Those transactions always come from the pool contract, which you can click on.

  3. On the pool contract page, go to Contract -> Read Contract.

4. Go to field 20. balanceOf and insert your ETH address. This will retrieve your pool share token balance in wei.

5. Copy this number as later you will use it as the poolAmountIn parameter.

6. Go to field 55. totalSupply to get the total amount of pool shares, in wei.

7. Divide the number by 2 to get the maximum of pool shares you can send in one pool exit transaction. If your number retrieved in former step is bigger, you have to send multiple transactions.

8. Go to Contract -> Write Contract and connect your wallet. Be sure to have your wallet connected to network of the pool.

9. Go to the field 5. exitswapPoolAmountIn

  • For poolAmountIn add your pool shares in wei

  • For minAmountOut use anything, like 1

  • Hit Write

10. Confirm transaction in Metamask

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