Data Scientists

Earn $, track data & compute provenance, and get more data

How does Ocean benefit data scientists?

It offers three main benefits:
  • Earn. You can earn $ by doing crypto price predictions via Predictoor, by curating data in Data Farming, competing in a data challenge, and by selling data & models.
  • More Data. Use Compute-to-Data to access private data to run your AI modeling algorithms against, data which was previously inaccessible. Browse Ocean Market and other Ocean-powered markets to find more data to improve your AI models.
  • Provenance. The acts of publishing data, purchasing data, and consuming data are all recorded on the blockchain to make a tamper-proof audit trail. Know where your AI training data came from!

How do data scientists start using Ocean?

Here are the most relevant Ocean tools to work with:
  • The library is built for the key environment of data scientists: Python. It can simply be imported alongside other Python data science tools like numpy, matplotlib, scikit-learn and tensorflow. You can use it to publish & sell data assets, buy assets, transfer ownership, and more.
  • Predictoor's pdr-backend repo has Python-based tools to run bots for crypto prediction or trading.

Are there mental models for earning $ in data?

Yes. This section has two other pages which elaborate:

Further resources

The blog post "How Ocean Can Benefit Data Scientists" elaborates further on the benefits of more data, provenance, and earning.
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