Retrieve datatoken/data NFT addresses & Chain ID

Use these steps to reveal the information contained within an asset's DID and list the buyers of a datatoken

If you are given an Ocean Market link, then the network and datatoken address for the asset is visible on the Ocean Market webpage. For example, given this asset's Ocean Market link: the webpage shows that this asset is hosted on the Mumbai network, and one simply clicks the datatoken's hyperlink to reveal the datatoken's address as shown in the screenshot below:

More Detailed Info:

You can access all the information for the Ocean Market asset also by enabling Debug mode. To do this, follow these steps:

Step 1 - Click the Settings button in the top right corner of the Ocean Market

Step 2 - Check the Activate Debug Mode box in the dropdown menu

Step 3 - Go to the page for the asset you would like to examine, and scroll through the DDO information to find the NFT address, datatoken address, chain ID, and other information.

How to use Aquarius to find the chainID and datatoken address from a DID?

If you know the DID:op but you don't know the source link, then you can use Ocean Aquarius to resolve the metadata for the DID:op to find the chainId+ datatoken address of the asset. Simply enter in your browser "<your did:op:XXX>" to fetch the metadata.

For example, for the following DID:op: "did:op:1b26eda361c6b6d307c8a139c4aaf36aa74411215c31b751cad42e59881f92c1" the Ocean Aquarius URL can be modified to add the DID:op and resolve its metadata. Simply add "" to the beginning of the DID:op and enter the link in your browser like this:

Here are the networks and their corresponding chain IDs:

"mumbai: 80001"
"polygon: 137"
"bsc: 56"
"energyweb: 246"
"moonriver: 1285"
"mainnet: 1"
"goerli: 5"
"polygonedge: 81001"
"gaiaxtestnet: 2021000"
"alfajores: 44787"
"gen-x-testnet: 100"
"filecointestnet: 3141"
"oasis_saphire_testnet: 23295"
"development: 8996"

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