Google Storage

How to use Google Storage for your NFT assets

Google Storage

Google Cloud Storage is a scalable and reliable object storage service provided by Google Cloud. It allows you to store and retrieve large amounts of unstructured data, such as files, with high availability and durability. You can organize your data in buckets and benefit from features like access control, encryption, and lifecycle management. With various storage classes available, you can optimize cost and performance based on your data needs. Google Cloud Storage integrates seamlessly with other Google Cloud services and provides APIs for easy integration and management.


Create an account on Google Cloud. Users might also be asked to provide payment details and billing addresses that are out of this tutorial's scope.

Step 1 - Create a storage account

Go to Google Cloud console

In the Google Cloud console, go to the Cloud Storage Buckets page

Create a new bucket

Fill in the details

Allow access to your recently created Bucket

Step 2 - Upload a file

Step 3 - Change your file's access (optional)

If your bucket's access policy is restricted, on the menu on the right click on Edit access (skip this step if your bucket is publicly accessible)

Step 4 - Share the file

Open the file and copy the generated link

Step 5 - Publish the asset using the generated link

Now, copy and paste the link into the Publish page in the Ocean Marketplace.

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