Compute-to-Data in Ocean Market

How to sell compute jobs on your datasets while keeping your data and algorithms private

Introducing, The Problem

Anyone could buy your data on the Ocean Market and then publicly share it all over the internet. Pretty scary, right? But what if there was a way that buyers could access valuable insights from your data and algorithms without actually *seeing* the data or algorithms themselves? We have a solution for that!

Enter, Compute-to-Data (also lovingly called C2D 🥰). Ocean Protocol's C2D feature enables you to monetize the OUTPUT of compute jobs on your datasets without revealing the contents of the data/algorithms themselves. Let's dive in how!

How to Compute-to-Data 💃

You will need to accomplish 3 main steps in establishing a compute-to-data flow: create an algorithm that's compatible with C2D, publish your C2D-specific algorithm NFT, then publish your data NFT with C2D configurations allowing the algorithm to compute on it. That's it! Then you'll be able to sell compute jobs 🤩 Read the steps in this section's three subpages to create & sell a compute job from start to finish. 💪😃

Or you could watch this video tutorial about it below:

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