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Explore the Power of Querying: Unveiling In-Depth Details of Individual Data NFTs

Now that you are familiar with the process of retrieving a list of data NFTs 😎, let's explore how to obtain more specific details about a particular NFT through querying. By utilizing the knowledge you have gained, you can customize your GraphQL query to include additional parameters such as the NFT's metadata, creator information, template, or any other relevant data points. This will enable you to delve deeper into the intricacies of a specific NFT and gain a comprehensive understanding of its attributes. With this newfound capability, you can unlock valuable insights and make informed decisions based on the specific details retrieved. So, let's dive into the fascinating world of querying and unravel the unique characteristics of individual data NFTs.

The result of the following GraphQL query returns the information about a particular data NFT. In this example, 0x1c161d721e6d99f58d47f709cdc77025056c544c.

PS: In this example, the query is executed on the Ocean subgraph deployed on the mainnet. If you want to change the network, please refer to this table.

The javascript below can be used to run the query and fetch the information of a data NFT. If you wish to change the network, replace the variable's value network as needed. Change the value of the variable datanftAddress with the address of your choice.

Sample response
  "data": {
    "nft": {
      "address": "0x1c161d721e6d99f58d47f709cdc77025056c544c",
      "assetState": 0,
      "block": 15185270,
      "createdTimestamp": 1658397870,
      "creator": "0xd30dd83132f2227f114db8b90f565bca2832afbd",
      "erc20DeployerRole": [
      "id": "0x1c161d721e6d99f58d47f709cdc77025056c544c",
      "managerRole": [
      "metadataRole": null,
      "name": "Ocean Data NFT",
      "orderCount": "1",
      "owner": "0xd30dd83132f2227f114db8b90f565bca2832afbd",
      "providerUrl": "",
      "storeUpdateRole": null,
      "symbol": "OCEAN-NFT",
      "template": "",
      "tokenUri": "<removed>",
      "transferable": true,
      "tx": "0x327a9da0d2e9df945fd2f8e10b1caa77acf98e803c5a2f588597172a0bcbb93a"

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