Liquid Staking

Liquid Staking

This page is about liquid staking of veOCEAN using psdnOCEAN.

Background & Motivation

Once you lock OCEAN, you get veOCEAN.

Unlike OCEAN, veOCEAN cannot be traded or transferred. This is by design, to reconcile near-term and long-term incentives. Commit to holding OCEAN longer, and you earn more in the near term.

But what if there was a way to have lots of locked OCEAN, yet get tradeability? That's the idea of "liquid staking". In many ways, it's the best of both worlds.

Liquid Staking in Ocean

psdnOCEAN is a "liquid staking wrapper" for veOCEAN:

  • It holds veOCEAN

  • And it allows transfers (using ERC20 interface)

psdnOCEAN is a product by H2O, a team separate from - and collaborating with - the Ocean core team.

While you can't trade veOCEAN, you can trade psdnOCEAN.

How to get OCEAN -> psdnOCEAN

You can lock OCEAN for psdnOCEAN via the H2O "convert" dapp.

How to get psdnOCEAN -> OCEAN

psdnOCEAN can be traded in exchanges, for both psdnOCEAN -> OCEAN, and vice versa.

The main exchange option is the OCEAN-psdnOCEAN Balancer pool.

⚠️Be careful - if liquidity is low you will experience high slippage.

Rewards to psdnOCEAN holders

Since psdnOCEAN holds veOCEAN, then Passive DF rewards go to that psdnOCEAN-held veOCEAN according to the usual Passive DF rules.

Over time, psdnOCEAN may also get rewards from other DF streams or protocols too.

psdnOCEAN Resources

Here's the original psdnOCEAN announcement.

psdnOCEAN contract & token info can be found at:

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