Frequently Asked Questions about Data Farming

Staking and Risk

What does "staking" mean in an Ocean context?

Its precise meaning depends on the DF stream.

  • Predictoor DF: put OCEAN into a prediction transaction

Are there any risks associated with DF?

As with any system, inherent risks exist. We try to minimize them, as follows.

  • Predictoor DF: you stake a small amount of OCEAN in each epoch (eg every 5min). If issues arise, you can get out quickly.

Is there any impermanent loss (IL) in my staking?

No. IL is typically associated with providing liquidity to decentralized exchange or pools. There are no pools involved in any of the DF streams [1].

Rewards Payout

What APYs can I expect?

For Predictoor DF, it varies a lot based on your prediction accuracy, and more.

Can the DF rewards change during a given week?

No. At the beginning of a new DF round, rules are laid out, either implicitly if no change from the previous round, or explicitly in a blog post if there are new rules.

Caveat: it’s "no" at least in theory! Sometimes there may be tweaks if there is community consensus or a bug.

Where do I learn more about Predictoor DF?

In its docs page.

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