What can you do with Ocean?

This page shows things you can do with Ocean...

  • As a builder

  • As a data scientist

  • As an OCEAN holder

  • Become an Ocean ambassador

Let's explore each...

What builders can do

Build Your Token-gated AI dApp

Monetize by making your dApp token-gated. Users no longer have to use credit cards or manage OAuth credentials. Rather, they buy & spend ERC20 datatokens to access your dApp content.

Go further yet: rather than storing user profile data on your centralized server -- which exposes you to liability -- have it on-chain encrypted by the user's wallet, and just-in-time decrypt for the app.

Build Your Token-gated REST API

Focus on the backend: make a Web3-native REST API. Like the token-gated dApps, consumers of the REST API buy access with crypto, not credit cards.

Build Your Data Market

Build a decentralized data marketplace by forking Ocean Market code to quickly get something good, or by building up from Ocean components for a more custom look.

To dive deeper, please go to Developers page.

What data scientists can do

Use Ocean in Python

The ocean.py library is built for the key environment of data scientists: Python. Use it to earn $ from your data, share your data, get more data from others, and see provenance of data usage.

Do crypto price predictions

With Ocean Predictoor, you submit predictions for the future price of BTC, ETH etc, and earn. The more accurate your predictions, the more $ you can earn.

Compete in a Data Challenge

Ocean regularly offer data science challenges on real-world problems. Showcase your skills, and earn $ prizes.

To dive deeper, please go to Data Scientists page.

What OCEAN holders can do

Earn Rewards via Data Farming

Ocean's Data Farming incentives program enables OCEAN holders to earn by locking OCEAN, and curating data.

Become an Ocean Ambassador

Become an Ambassador

As an ambassador, you are an advocate for the protocol, promoting its vision and mission. By sharing your knowledge and enthusiasm, you can educate others about the benefits of Ocean Protocol, inspiring them to join the ecosystem. As part of a global community of like-minded individuals, you gain access to exclusive resources, networking opportunities, and collaborations that further enhance your expertise in the data economy. Of course, the Ocean Protocol Ambassador Program rewards contributors with weekly bounties and discretionary grants for growing the Ocean Protocol communtiy worldwide.

Follow the steps below to become an ambassador:

To become a member of the Ambassador Program, follow these steps:

  1. Join Ocean Protocol's Discord server

  2. Join the Discord channel called #treasure-hunter.

  3. Access the application form: "Apply to use this channel."

  4. Answer the questions in the application form.

  5. Once you've completed the application process, you can start earning experience points (XP) by actively engaging in discussions on various topics related to the Ocean Protocol.

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