Publish a Data asset on Ocean Market place.

What can be published?

Ocean Market provides a convenient interface for individuals as well as organizations to publish their data. Data set can be images, location information, audio, video, sales data, or combinations of all! There is no exhaustive list of what type of data can be published on the Market. Please note that the Ocean Protocol team maintains a purgatory list here to block addresses and remove assets for any violations.


Step 1 - Publish data asset

  1. Go to
  2. Connect wallet.
    connect wallet
    Connect wallet
  3. Go to publish page.

    publish page
    Go to publish page

  4. Fill the publish form.

    publish form part-1
    Publish form part-1
    publish form part-2
    Publish form part-2
    publish form part-3
    Publish form part-3

  5. After clicking submit, approve the transactions in the wallet. Here, you can see Metamask window.

    Deploy a new Datatoken contract.

    publish submit part-1
    Create Datatoken contract
    Contract interaction.
    publish submit part-2
    Contract interaction

  6. Now, after the transactions are completed, the below screen will appear.

    publish success

Step 2 - Create pricing

Once the data asset is published, the user(s) can choose the pricing option as per their choice. Only the publisher can set the pricing option and cannot be changed once the publisher selects any one method.

There are 2 options for settings the price of an asset on Ocean Marketplace.

  1. Fixed pricing
  2. Dynamic pricing (using Banalcer pools)

Create fixed pricing for a data set

Connect to the Ocean Marketplace with the publisher account and go to the published asset.

If the pricing is not set Marketplace will provide an option to create pricing. Click on the create pricing button as shown below.

pricing part-1
Create pricing page

Select the pricing type. Here, we are selecting Fixed pricing option. Publisher can set the value of datatoken with respect to Ocean Tokens.

pricing part-1
Select pricing type

pricing part-2
Mint data tokens

pricing part-3

pricing part-4
Approve spend limit