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class Asset(DDO)


 | def update_compute_privacy(trusted_algorithms: list, allow_all: bool, allow_raw_algorithm: bool)

Set the trusted_algorithms on the compute service.

  • An assertion is raised if this asset has no compute service
  • Updates the compute service in place
  • Adds the trusted algorithms under privacy.publisherTrustedAlgorithms
  • If list is empty or trusted_algorithms is None, the privacy section is deleted


  • trusted_algorithms: list of dicts, each dict contain the keys ("containerSectionChecksum", "filesChecksum", "did")
  • allow_all: bool -- set to True to allow all published algorithms to run on this dataset
  • allow_raw_algorithm: bool -- determine whether raw algorithms (i.e. unpublished) can be run on this dataset


None :raises AssertionError if this asset has no ServiceTypes.CLOUD_COMPUTE service