veOCEAN & Data Farming

An overview of Ocean Protocol's governance and incentives mechanisms
veOCEAN is a fork of veCRV, and enables you to become a governance participant, eligible to receive rewards and engage with different protocol mechanisms.
The following docs should provide you with sufficient intuition to access, utilize, and build upon the protocol's core incentive and reward system: Data Farming.


Learning about veOCEAN will help you answer the question "What can I do with my veOCEAN?" and give you insights on how veOCEAN works. It will teach you everything you need to know about why it exists and how it works.
You will learn that by just holding veOCEAN passively, you are able to earn rewards.

Data Farming

Data Farming 101 will teach you about the different reward systems, how they work, and how to access them. By the end of it, you should be more familiar with how Data Farming works and able to take next steps to curate assets.
Data Farming Background will provide you with more intuitions about Data Farming, briefly explain the Reward Function, and how the program evolved over time.


Delegation will teach you how to share your veOCEAN allocation power to other users who can manage Data Farming for you.
Once delegated, rewards will be sent to the wallet address you delegated to. The delegation receiver is in charge of your rewards and the process of returning those back to you.

Further Reading

Finally, if you want to continue expanding your knowledge on OCEAN token emissions, APY estimates, and get useful answers to some of the most common questions, you can read the following:
Emissions & APYs will provide you will information about how OCEAN will be released over time through the Data Farming program and provide you with APY studies.
Our FAQ answers many different questions about staking, chains, deployments, and other details that may be valuable to you.


All content within has been assembled via reference of the Ocean Data Farming Series, official Ocean Protocol github repositories, and v4 Whitepapers.