Curate with Volume DF

Make extra dosh by curating datasets in Data Farming

Curate to earn

The bread and butter of the Data Farming dApp is incentivizing OCEAN rewards for curating and publishing valuable assets in the Ocean ecosystem.
The way that users curate assets is by pointing their Allocation Power to them using the Data Farming dApp.
If you're a publisher, then you can also benefit from additional bonuses.
We'll show you how!

Step 1 - Navigate to the Data Farming dApp

Step 2 - Connect your wallet

  • Connect your wallet to the Data Farming dApp using the Ethereum network (mainnet)

Step 3 - Click on the Volume DF tab in the top menu

Click the Volume DF page link in the menu

Step 4 - Select the assets which you would like to allocate to by toggling the percentage allocation at the end of the row

  • On the rightmost column, toggle the percentage of your total Allocation Power that you wish to allocate to each asset of your choice. You will get a portion of the sales of each asset that you allocate to!
  • Note that if you allocate to an asset that YOU published, then you will get an effective 2x allocation boost.
  • If you are a publisher and curating your own asset, your asset may be styled differently in the UI.
Toggle the percentage of your veOCEAN that you would like to allocate to each asset

Step 5 - Click the Update Allocations button

  • Click the pink Update Allocations button
  • Sign the transactions with your wallet & pay the gas fees
Click the Update Allocations button
That's it! You've successfully allocated (aka "voted on") your favorite assets in the Ocean ecosystem using your veOCEAN tokens and are generating active rewards yield. Now, just wait until next Thursday to see if you can claim any OCEAN rewards on the Active Rewards section of the Rewards page for your portion of the assets' sales. Remember that your first time claiming rewards will require at least one week, but not more than 2 weeks of wait!