Claim Rewards

How to claim OCEAN token rewards from data farming 🧑‍🌾🥕
Ocean Protocol's Data Farming dapp dispenses rewards every Thursday to its participants. 💰 To claim your OCEAN token rewards for data farming, simply navigate to the Data Farming Rewards page and click the Claim OCEAN rewards buttons that will appear pink and clickable each Thursday. Yeehaw!
You can visit our dApp to begin Data Farming? Or follow this user guide to get started. 🤠

Step 1 - Navigate to the Data Farming Rewards page

Go to, and click the Rewards link at the top of the page.
Click the Rewards link at the top of the page

Step 2 - Click the pink 'Claim # OCEAN' buttons 🛎️

At the bottom of the 'Passive Rewards' and 'Active Rewards' panels are the 'Claim # OCEAN' buttons that appear pink and clickable on Thursdays.
This is where you click to claim your rewards! Easy peasy. You will need to approve the transactions with your wallet.
Click the pink Claim # Ocean buttons


You will need to wait at least one week, but not more than two weeks to claim your rewards for the first time. Check back on Thursday!


If you forget to claim your OCEAN rewards, then do not worry because they continue to accumulate! You can claim them anytime after Thursday. 😃