Data Farming

Learn the ins-and-outs Data Farming
Data Farming is the core incentive system inside of Ocean Protocol. It offers different ways for participants to help the protocol grow and succeed.
It's broken down into 2 reward streams:
  1. 1.
    Passive Rewards
  2. 2.
    Active Rewards
As the name suggests, users need to do very little to earn Passive Rewards and the program is aimed to onboard as many people as possible to help drive liquidity and conviction into the protocol.
Active Rewards is an evolving incentive program that offers different venues for contributors to complete active work that drives the protocol forward.
Anyone is welcomed to participate.

Passive Rewards stream

The primary objective of the Passive Rewards stream is to provide an accessible way for anyone to use OCEAN and help the protocol grow.
In the veOCEAN user guide, you'll learn more about the Passive Rewards stream and how to get veOCEAN.

Active Rewards stream & Substreams

The primary objective of Active Rewards and substreams is to provide participants that engage with Data Farming different opportunities to create value. This approach allows users with different skills and interests to collaborate and contribute their unique abilities towards achieving the core values of Ocean Protocol.
Let's review the Active Reward substreams and get you started.

Volume DF Substream

The bread and butter of the Data Farming incentive program is Volume DF. Here publishers and curators that help maintain quality assets in the Ocean ecosystem are rewarded.
You can receive OCEAN rewards by allocating veOCEAN voting power to high-quality datasets and assisting Ocean with the curation of Data assets. Through this allocation, you will also receive a portion of the revenue generated by the dataset consumption.
Allocation power can also be increased via delegation. The Data Farming dApp Delegate Page lets you easily manage delegations.
For more information on how to get started and detailed instructions, please refer to the Volume DF user guide section.

Challenge DF Substream

If you are a data scientist and enjoy tackling challenging problems, this is the perfect place for you. Challenge DF provides a competition where you can test your skills in predicting the price of Ethereum. Earn a place on the podium to receive a reward.
This opportunity allows you to explore the capabilities offered by Ocean Protocol to build algorithms, publish data assets, and to gain valuable exposure. As your models and skills improve, you can begin monetizing your work.
For detailed instructions and information on how to get started, please refer to the Challenge DF user guide.