Frequently Asked Questions about Ocean Protocol
Have some questions about Ocean Protocol?
Hopefully you'll find the answers here! If not then please don't hesitate to reach out to us on discord - there are no stupid questions!

General Questions

What is a decentralized data marketplace?
What is needed to use a decentralized marketplace?
How is Ocean different from other data marketplaces?
How do I price my data?
Is my data secure?
Where is my data stored?
How do I control who accesses my data?
Can I restrict who is able to access my dataset?
What is the reach of Ocean Market - how many data buyers can I sell to?

Technical Questions

Why does Ocean Protocol use the Blockchain?
The blockchain is public - does this mean that anyone can access my data?
What is a smart contract and why is it relevant?
What is a datatoken?
How do I acquire datatokens?

Data Selling Questions

How are organizations leveraging data sharing?
Does it pay to become a marketplace operator?
Why Publish?
What about the price fluctuation of Ocean?
Who pays for gas fees?
Where do the docker containers run?
Who pays for the computation?
What cryptocurrency do I need for transactions?
Can I use the off the shelf CSS available in the repo?
What’s to come with Ocean this year?