All you need to know about Ocean and decentralized finance

Capitalize with Ocean Protocol 💸

Ocean Protocol's open-source tools are useful in a variety of DeFi applications. Here we show you how to capitalize with Ocean Protocol tech in several ways using crypto trading!

Data Farming - Challenge DF 📈

Data Farming offers a weekly rewards via Challenge DF, a challenge where users predict the price of Ethereum and win prizes 💰 based on accuracy.
In this competition, participants use machine learning to submit future ETH prices for the next 12 hours as accurately as possible. They upload these predictions to Ocean Market as data NFTs.
Check our Challenge DF page and join the active Predict ETH challenge!
Wondering how to start predicting the price of ETH? We have a blogpost 📖 for that!

Algorithmic Crypto Trading 🤖📊

There are a variety of NFTs on the Ocean Market that offer profitable algorithms for crypto trading using Trading View and freqtrade open-source Github library. Not sure how to algorithmically trade crypto? We have a few tutorials for that:
Check out our video tutorial on how to begin algorithmically trading crypto with no experience using an EMA crossover strategy on the Ocean Market!
Are you more of a reader? Check out our blogpost 📖 how to use a Python SMA crossover strategy with grid search optimization to begin accurately predicting ETH.

Create Trading Strategy NFTs 📲

Do you have a valuable trading strategy that you want to share or sell? You can anonymously upload your trading strategies as NFTs on-chain using the Ocean Market!
Check out our video tutorial 🧑‍🏫 how to publish trading strategy NFTs on-chain 🔗 with the Ocean Market!