The permissions stored on chain in the contracts control the access to the data NFT (ERC721) and datatoken (ERC20) smart contract functions.
The permissions are stored in the data NFT (ERC721) smart contract. The data NFT (ERC721) and datatoken (ERC20) smart contracts both use this information to restrict access to the smart contract functions. The tables below list restricted actions that are accessible only to the allowed users.

Roles in data NFT (ERC721) smart contract

Action ↓ / Role →
NFT Owner
ERC20 Deployer
Store Updater
Metadata Updater
Set token URI
Add manager
Remove manager
Clean permissions
Set base URI
Set Metadata state
Set Metadata
Create new datatoken
Executes any other smart contract
Set new key-value in store

Roles in datatoken (ERC20) smart contract

Action ↓ / Role →
ERC20 Deployer
NFT owner
Fee manager
Create Fixed Rate exchange
Create Dispenser
Add minter
Remove minter
Add fee manager
Remove fee manager
Set data
Clean permissions
Set fee collector