Do a quick test drive.

Option 1

You can try some free, online Jupyter notebooks that connect to a live Ocean test network.

Option 2

WARNING: This option is more for developers who don’t mind some things not working together as expected (if at all). Eventually there will be a default-working version, but that doesn’t exist yet.

You can run and try every Ocean software component in your local machine, all at once, using Docker Compose. Ocean Protocol software developers do this often, to test their code against all the other Ocean components.

git clone https://github.com/oceanprotocol/barge.git
cd barge/
./start_ocean.sh --latest

Seeing the dolphin means it’s working:


Once everything is up and running, you can interact with the components. For example, to interact with Pleuston, go to:


For the details of what components are running, see the Ocean Protocol barge repository.