Run a Keeper

How to run a keeper node.

If you want to run a keeper node (keeper), you have several options. Some of them are outlined below.

Using Barge

Barge uses Docker Compose to run one or more keeper nodes (and other components) in Docker containers on your local machine.

  • If you use --local-kovan-node or --local-nile-node, then it will run one local Parity Ethereum node (as a user node, i.e. a non-voting node) and it will connect that node to the Kovan Testnet or Nile Testnet, respectively.
  • If you use --local-spree-node or --local-ganache-node, then it will run a strictly-local Spree Testnet or Ganache-Based Testnet.

Barge deploys the keeper contracts to whatever keeper nodes are deployed locally.

Running a Keeper in the Nile Testnet or Ocean Mainnet

If you’re interested in running a keeper node (as a voting authority node) in the Nile Testnet or Ocean Mainnet, then email [email protected].

Note: The dev-ocean repository contains a guide for running a keeper node in the Nile Testnet (if you have permission).