The Ocean Production Network

An introduction to the Ocean Production Network.

At the time of writing, there was no live, running, publicly-available Ocean Production Network.

Ocean Protocol makes use of several EVM-compatible networks, including:

  • the Ethereum Mainnet (also called the Main Ethereum Network),
  • various testnets, and
  • in the future, the Ocean Production Network.

The Ocean Production Network will be an EVM network of nodes (“keepers”) running Parity Ethereum software. Various Ocean Protocol smart contracts (“keeper contracts”) will be deployed to it. It will be used for production use cases. It is also known by other names, including:

  • The Main Ocean Network
  • The Ocean Mainnet
  • The Production-Ready Ocean Network
  • The Ocean Live Network
  • (among the internal dev team) The Ocean Pacific Network, or just Pacific

“Network” is sometimes shortened to just “Net.”

Ocean Tokens can, in principle, live in any EVM-compatible network. The ones sold in the Ocean Protocol token sale were in the Ethereum Mainnet (and still were, at the time of writing). For more information, see the page about Ocean Tokens.