Ocean Tokens

The technical basics and most important infos about Ocean Tokens in different networks.


Ocean Tokens are the cryptocurrency associated with Ocean Protocol. They are standards-compliant ERC-20 tokens.

Ocean Tokens can, in principle, live in any EVM-compatible network. The Ocean Token contract is deployed in the Ethereum Mainnet, Pacific Mainnet, and the Nile Testnet. The tokens sold in the Ocean Protocol token sale were in the Ethereum Mainnet.

Token Contract AddressesEthereum Mainnet

Pacific Mainnet

Nile Testnet
Token SymbolOCEAN
Decimals of Precision18

Ethereum Mainnet Ocean Tokens

There were several ways to acquire some of the Ethereum Mainnet Ocean Tokens in the initial circulating supply, including:

  • participation in the seed round
  • participation in the pre-sale
  • participation in the token sale
  • participation in the initial exchange offering (IEO)
  • completion of a bounty

After the initial exchange offering on Bittrex International, Ethereum Mainnet Ocean Tokens became available in the Ethereum Mainnet (and not in any other network).

The initial circulating supply of Ethereum Mainnet Ocean Tokens became available on the Ethereum Mainnet in May 2019. If you acquired Ocean Tokens in the initial circulating supply, they should have been, or will be, sent to the address you provided, in the Ethereum Mainnet.

At the time of writing, you could use Ethereum Mainnet Ocean Tokens to do various things in the Ethereum Mainnet, including but not limited to:

  • buy other cryptocurrencies. See the next subsection for more details.
  • stake in dxDAO.

Check Your Ethereum Mainnet Ocean Token Balance

There are many ways to check your Ethereum Mainnet Ocean Token balance. Starting with the easiest, here are some ways:

Ocean Token Tool

Enter your account address into the form in the Ocean Token Tool.

Ocean Token Tool
Ocean Token Tool


Download and use Blowfish, a desktop app that tells you your Ocean Token balance (and other things).



Use MetaMask or other ERC-20-compatible wallet software. See the page about using wallet software to manage Ocean Tokens. You can also use wallet software to send Ocean Tokens to some other account.


Go to Etherscan, enter your account address into the search field, click Search, click on Erc20 Token Txns, look for an OceanToken transaction in the Token colum, and click on OceanToken there.

Buy or Sell Ethereum Mainnet Ocean Tokens

You can buy or sell Ethereum Mainnet Ocean Tokens via any exchange that lists them. See the official list of exchanges below.

You could also make a deal with someone where you send them something and they send you some Ocean Tokens in return (or vice versa). Ethereum Mainnet Ocean Tokens are standard ERC-20 tokens, so any software that can send ERC-20 tokens can be used (e.g. wallet software such as MetaMask).

Official List of Exchanges

Below is the official list of exchanges which listed Ethereum Mainnet Ocean Tokens (OCEAN), at the time of writing:

Pacific Network Ocean Tokens

Ocean Tokens in Ocean’s Mainnet, Pacific, represent the same value as in the Ethereum Mainnet. The only way to get Ocean Tokens in Pacific is to transfer them from the Ethereum Mainnet.

Ocean Token Bridge

For this purpose there is a token bridge between the Ethereum Mainnet and the Pacific Network, allowing anyone with Ocean Tokens to move them from the Ethereum Mainnet to the Pacific Network, and vice versa.

The Ocean token bridge user interface
The Ocean token bridge user interface

Once you have some Ocean Tokens in Pacific, you can use them for all currently-implemented Ocean Protocol tasks in Pacific (e.g. buying assets from a marketplace connected to Pacific).

However, please be aware that transfering tokens between networks can put your Ocean Tokens at risk.

Testnet Ocean Tokens

There are Ocean Tokens in several testnets, including the Nile testnet. They are just testnet Ocean Tokens (i.e. for testing purposes only) and they aren’t interchangeable with Ethereum Mainnet Ocean Tokens. For more details, see the the page about Testnets and the tutorials.

Once you have some Testnet Ocean Tokens, you can use them for all currently-implemented Ocean Protocol tasks in that testnet (e.g. buying assets).

Get Testnet Ocean Tokens

All Squid libraries have methods to request Ocean Tokens. They work by calling the Dispenser keeper contract, a contract which is only deployed to testnets. Therefore they will only work in testnets.

They’re documented in the following places:

The Example Code page has links to example Squid code (in all of the languages), including examples of using the above methods.

Further Reading about Ocean Tokens