Ways to Contribute

There are many ways you could contribute to Ocean Protocol.

All contributions to Ocean Protocol are governed by our Contributor Code of Conduct. Code development follows the Ocean Engineering Principles.

Help Develop Core Ocean Software

Report a Vulnerability

See the page about reporting vulnerabilities.

Report a Bug or Make a Feature Request

To report a bug that isn’t a vulnerability, or to make a feature request, go to the relevant GitHub repository, click on the Issues tab, click on the New issue button, and read the instructions.

Suggest a Change to the Protocol Itself

To suggest a change to the Ocean Protocol itself (which is actually a set of protocols), go to the Ocean Protocol Enhancement Proposals (OEPs) repository and write a proposal, either as an issue or as a pull request.


You could write articles or blog posts related to Ocean Protocol. Possible topics include:

  • a story about how you used Ocean Protocol or an Ocean network
  • news from a recent event
  • tutorials for beginners
  • a deep dive into some specific aspect of Ocean Protocol
  • a blog post about a particular component in the Ocean Protocol stack

For instructions on how to contribute to our main documentation site, check out the docs repo.

Participate in a Bounty

See the page about bounties.

Become an Ocean Protocol Ambassador

Develop a Service Integration Driver or Plugin